Tuition Schedule
45 minute classes
Due date   Sept         Nov        Feb          April
1 class     115.00     115.00     115.00     115.00
2 classes  225.00     225.00     225.00     225.00
3 classes  320.00     320.00     320.00     320.00
4 classes  415.00     415.00     415.00     415.00
Unlimited  445.00     445.00     445.00     445.00

60 minute classes
Due Date  Sept     Nov        Feb       April
1 class  138.00     138.00  138.00   138.00
2 classes 276.00  276.00  276.00   276.00
3 classes 355.00  355.00  355.00  355.00
4 classes  435.00  435.00  435.00  435.00

Private Lessons
Private lessons are 30 minute classes.  Tuition for private lessons will be due at the start of the class, and does not count towards discounts.
Solo- $25
Duet/Trio- $20 per dancer 
Private lessons are not guaranteed;  they will be given on a first come basis depending on the instructor's schedule.
Tuition fees do not include fees for competitions, costumes, dance clothing, shoes, or extra classes.  Tuition is due in September, November, February, and April, if payment is not received in the month which it is due, students will not be permitted to continue class until payment is received.  Any checks returned N.S.F.  are subject to a service charge of $30.00.  All returned checks must be honored within 10 days with cash, or student will not be permitted to continue class.
The first check must include registration fee and fee for the first tuition payment.  These fees are non-refundable.  A student must give one month's notice before withdrawing from a class.  Students that leave their class in the middle of a month disrupt the rest of the students and can create disorder within the set choreography.
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